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Vick made 15 starts in 2002, missing one game against the New York Giants on October 13 with a sprained shoulder. He completed 231 of 421 passes for 2,936 yards and 16 touchdowns. He had 113 carries for 777 yards and eight rushing touchdowns. “In battle re enactments, no one’s getting killed; we can’t reproduce the mortal terror, so we’re not really getting the deep pit of the stomach feel, and we don’t want to,” Downes said. “But on a march, that’s what they did more of than anything else. That hasn’t changed in 150 years.

“Those judges who see the lawyers in that courtroom everyday, all day long, day in and day out are in a better position than anybody else to see who gets what case.” Judge Gutierrez echoed Spencer’s arguments. “I don’t think it’s fair just to say ‘well these are the best attorneys.’ It creates an opportunity where attorneys can be appointed based on favoritism.””I don’t see any favoritism in the Judiciary. But Perez believes there are no checks and balances to ensure it’s fair, even when it comes paying the attorneys.

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Connell, Krazyboy to his friends, is steadily making inroads into the world of fashion. His focus is biker, mixed martial arts and graffiti imagery that’s getting attention inside and outside the world of motorcycling. The fashion journey started in the late 1990s, when the then shipbuilding worker, whose tattooed arms are a testament to his biker roots, started to notice old jackets going for big money on eBay.

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