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The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it obtained a preliminary injunction against Heath M. Tak, age 43, of Newport Beach, California, to halt the continuing false disclosures being made by Homestead, Biddlecome, and Tak. The Honorable Cormac J.

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Governments pay for research. Scientists then do the research and editing/peer review. Then the academic publisher simply takes the research for free (or even charges scientists to get their work published) and pays for some editing. Both S Corporations and LLCs are ‘pass through’ entities for tax purposes and help avoid double taxation. Business owners of LLCs and S Corporations include profits from the business in their personal income tax returns. A standard corporation, on the other hand, pays corporate income tax on its gross profits, and the profit after tax that reaches the business owners still attracts business tax..

“However,” he said, “the amount is very small, on the order of an atogram,” or 10 18 grams. “This amount is effectively unmeasurable,” he went on, since even the most sensitive scales have a resolution of only 10 9 grams. Further, it is only about one hundred millionth as much as the estimated fluctuation from charging and discharging the device’s battery.

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