Budget cuts costing public service jobs union: ‘It could not get off the ground’

Budget cuts costing public service jobs union: ‘It could not get off the ground’

‘Taken together, these cuts could put the NHS at risk of being closed.

‘We are not prepared to have the NHS as we know it under threat of closure.’

A spokesman for the General Medical Council (GMC) said: ‘We are currently working with our colleagues across the NHS to identify a plan that keeps the health service safe, effective and sustainable, providing better value for money and creating an environment where the health service is available to anyone.

‘GMC is committed to a future in which we work together to transform this sector, which is why the Government is investing in innovative innovation, and bringing it to the next generation, and giving the health service the level of resources it needs to operate in the 21st century.’

The GMC said the NHS was in a stable and sustainable position as it had’strong, reliable and sustainable business’ to support and support as it continues to make ‘continuous progress’.

‘It is important that we ensure that we can keep NHS bodies in the best possible position to offer excellent services, which includes improving their business outcomes in response to evolving needs and evolving c우리카지노ircumstances, including increasing productivity and value for money,’ the GMC said.

‘The GMC has been supportive of plans 바카라to keep the NHS as it is, as we currently do with a strong and reliable staff and budget which supports that aim.’

But the GMC says the NHS will not be able to operate on £900bn of spending cuts unless the coalition brings the deficit down and delivers a new, radical funding formula.

The current더킹카지노 plans call for £4billion to be diverted from NHS Trusts to pay for their increased costs, while other £6billion of the current £4.1billion shortfall will be funded by other sources through funding reductions and savings in the overall funding bill.

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